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Modern Environmental Services Company  Logos Smaller  is a registered Jordanian Company with its head office in Amman, Jordan, and representative offices in Baghdad, Algiers, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Greece and Cyprus.

 Logos Smaller  is a diversified environmental services company that provides the following services to industry and governments in the Middle East, East & North Africa, the Gulf States and Central Asia –

  1. The supply and installation of HDPE liner systems, Geogrid and Geosynthetic materials, and GCL materials for environmental containment systems for industry and governments.
    Examples of applications are for the Extraction & Mining Industry, Public Water Supply & Waste Water Treatment Systems, Tank Farms, Solid or Hazardous Waste Landfills, Irrigation Canals & Storage Ponds, the Oil Sector or other decorative or industrial containment systems.
    Our certified staff has over 75 years combined global experience in the design, supply and installation of over 150 million meters2 of HDPE liners and similar products globally. 
  1. Municipal Solid Waste Collection, Transfer, Recycling and Disposal services for industry and governments.  Logos Smaller staff has over 50 years combined experience in solid and hazardous waste management services for industry and governments. 
  1.  Logos Smaller provides integrated hazardous waste collection and treatment services to a wide range of industries and commercial businesses. These Technologies can be summarized as the following:
      • Microwave Disinfection System.
      • Autoclave.
      • Thermal Oxidation Unit. 
  1. Training and consultation to community representatives, local and international non-governmental organizations, governmental officials and facility operators. Examples include community-lead economic development, municipal solid waste management, hazardous & medical waste management, water treatment plant operators and water supply managers, and waste water treatment plant operators. Logos Smaller  has a highly successful training track record with USAID funded programs in Iraq. Training staff are all certified University Lecturers or Experts in community development, solid & hazardous waste management, water treatment plant and waste water treatment plant operations.



Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management Solutions  Collection Of MSW  Transfer Stations
 hazardous-waste-management  8  5
MESC staff has over 50 years combined experience in solid hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services… more MESC can partner with a local government entity to form a joint venture company or assume full operational control… more Depending on the distances from collection routes to the final disposal site, MESC may recommend the introduction of MSW transfer stations – where local collection … more
Recycling & Waste Reduction Programs  Disposal Of Solid Wastes  Environmental Training Services
 hazardous-waste-management  3  7
MESC staff has designed highly successful municipal recycling and waste reduction programs for both residential and commercial clients, and large industrial complexes… more
MESC landfills are designed to protect the environment and public health through the installation of HDPE and geo-synthetic liner containment systems that protect ground water and minimize leach ate… more MESC launched its highly successful training practice in 2006-2007 in response to service delivery needs identified by international humanitarian organizations operating in Iraq and funded by the US Government … more
 Geosynthetic & Lining MESC Services Supply and Apply
 08 company profile MESC  roadProducts and solutions based on geosynthetics and composites more
For more than 35 years now High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) has been considered the main solution for liquid and solid containment systems in the world… more



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